Piccalilli Cafe

Top 5 Sunday Brunch spots in London

I don’t think there is a more appropriate first post for a blog that claims loving London than this! Brunch-ing is THE ACTIVITY being caught doing on a Sunday and since my flatmates and myself have spent every Sunday religiously looking for the best spot, I thought it’s fair I share this knowledge with you.

1. Surrey Docks Farm – Piccalilli caffè

Closest station: Canada Water

Not to be missed: Eggs, avocado and chilli flakes on toast


Piccalilli Cafe

2. Del’Aziz | Bankside

Closest station: Southwark

Not to be missed: The frying pan


frying pan

3.Tea House Theatre

Closest station: Vauxhall

Not to be missed: English breakfast


english breakfast

4. Tina, We salute you

Closest station: Dalston

Not to be missed: Pancakes!



5. The Breakfast Club

Closest station: Angel

Not to be missed: The All American (tip suggested by my flatmates!)



 wake up rooster



££££ = around £10 per person for breakfast and coffee

££££ = around 15 per person for breakfast and coffee


A penny for your thought!

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