Sketchnoting 101: The power of Twitter

Last night I had a delayed realisation! I realised that the new way to find information on a topic is not called: Google as you would expect; it is called ‘Twitter‘. Since I took the decision to start sketchnoting, I have been trying to look up information and people; essentially find a community.

I used to have a personal blog as a student so I thought blogging is the way to discover other people with whom you share the same interests. When I kept that blog, I remember commenting and taking an interest in other people’s posts, following and allowing other people to follow you was just as important as posting your own thoughts. Comments and side bars was also one of the few and trusted ways to discover other people in that community.

This was back in 2009. I have been looking aimlessly on Google for the past 3 days. I found a couple of blogs like Sacha Chua or Kathy’s and a couple more and I was excited at first.  But then not everyone is using Google Friend Connect (and I think it was turned off for non-Blogger blogs?). Bloglovin’ is not for everyone (a different service to read your blogs?). WordPress has a built-in Reader and I never really understood RSS or Follow by e-mail (though I do provide that option in my blog here – don’t ask me why!). So that to me, is an impact to a community.

Comments are not so active anymore either. I was in shock!

And then I had an epiphany: Nowadays this is Twitter for you. I was able to look up people and follow them. Then based on that action, Twitter did the hard job of suggesting others with similar interests ( MORE SKETCHNOTERS!!).

And… I discovered a hashtag which I am here to share with you: #todaysdoodle!

Perhaps doodling is different to sketchnoting. I haven’t got to the bottom of that – YET! But as far as a hobby goes, here I am, sharing my first #todaysdoodle with you and with Twitter 🙂



A penny for your thought!

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