Sketchnoting 101: Living in a half digital world

As I said before, my September new decision is to become better at what I do. This includes embracing new skills aka Sketchnoting.

This time I designed on paper and then transfered it on my phone to continue coloring there – I call the result ‘half digital‘ 🙂

I have downloaded Bamboo app and my Samsung S4 has some built-in features that allow colouring but this is a field I definitely need to research more.

Tasks on my list:

1. Discover a good design stylus as the cheap version I currently have does not allow very accurate lines

2. Try out different design apps

3. Buy a pad. Natalia Talkowska (I am going to her talk, is anyone else?) proposes Samsung Note 10.1 with a pen. More artsy: Wacom

On Paper:


paper sketchnote

End Result:

half digital sketchnote


By the way, if you have any suggestions on a stylus, app or pad, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


A penny for your thought!

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