Sketchnoting 101: Doodling the doodler!

After 3 weeks of doodle practicing, it was time to cross off another item in my how-to-become-a-doodler list: live sketching.

Live sketching is the process of capturing  visual notes during a talk or a conference. It can be on paper or digital and it is demanding because it requires concentration, capturing the essence and quick designs.

Since Natalia  was one of the first people I discovered when I started researching sketchnoting, I was excited to meet her in person during tonight’s event organised by W Kollective.

Resist the Usual: The art and science of creative communication

Natalia talked about the start of her career (through a visual roadmap which was awesome!). Coming from Greece and living in UK, this was my favourite part as I found a lot of similarities in her first steps with my first steps (though sometimes I feel as if I am still in that phase – nevermind!)

Natalia then spoke about the importance of visuals when getting someone’s attention and getting your message across. One tip I have kept is to try and include more visuals in my client comms (of course using your judgement!) – sometimes this results in balancing out an awkward atmosphere.

As I had a stab at live sketching today – I will let my sketchnote describe the rest 🙂


natalia designs


a. It helps to prepare some introductory information in advance. So yeah, even though this might be contradicting the term: live sketching, it does actually help. In my case, I prepared the title, the date and the organiser’s info before I visited the venue.

b. Digital sketching might be more convenient as it accomodates errors easier -well ya know.. you are human and prone to errors, speakers are also prone to it so not having to start over when this happens definitely helps (didn’t happen tonight but it is something that Natalia spoke about)



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