Live Sketchnoting: The future of news

Today I felt like Lois Lane; a journalist in my own superhero lovestory – all thanks to Girls in Tech London who arranged a super event in the guardian HQ!

Following my first attempt at live sketchnoting, I tried my luck again at taking visual notes while listening to Olivia Solon (Technology editor at Daily Mirror) interviewing Tanya Cordrey (Director of digital development at Guardian).

Tanya talked about the digital transformation at Guardian during the past 3 years. She touched on topics such as the importance of data in the editorial world, open journalism and frictionless sharing.

She also mentioned the unfortunate sacrifices that are part of the game when you undertake such a big exercise such as transforming a media house like Guardian.

My favourite saying from the talk was: ‘Twitter is a tech company that does news. Guardian can be a news company that does tech’

olivia solon tanya cordrey


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