Weekend Breaks from London: Bristol and Bath

I spent one of the most relaxing weekends of my  life in the UK in Bristol and Bath so I totally recommend it! We stayed in Bristol and made a day-trip to Bath – including an obligatory stop at Thermae Bath Spa (more on this below!)

todo bath bristol

Here is what to do:


Things to do in Bristol


1. Clifton Suspension Bridge: enjoy the views!


We walked from the center to Bristol all the way to the bridge. It’s not more than half hour and I recommend that as you go through Clifton village which is one of the most picturesque areas in Bristol (and best brunch spot as well!!)

2. Spot a hot air balloon (we spotted ours in Bath but the whole area is full of them!)

Ideally, if you are not accompanied by someone with fear of heights (ahem!), you will like to actually get in one 🙂

hot air balloon

3. Follow Banksy around and enjoy Bristol’s street art scene

My sketch is misleading as you will not actually see the ‘girl with the heart balloon’ in Bristol. Instead you will see this one:



There are loads of maps out there. Be careful because most of Banksy’s graffiti have either been moved or drawn-over and some of those trails are out of date!

However, Bristol has a proud street art-scene and the first ex-toilet art gallery:

ex toilet art

4. Walk along the harbour and have a glass of wine

bristol harbour


Things to do in Bath

On Sunday, we got on the train to Bath. I have been meaning to visit Bath for over 2 years now – ever since I discovered it is protected by Unesco and part of the World Heritage List (any other list freaks out there?)


time for spa

1. Thermae Bath Spa

We had a massage and then a 2-hour spa session (if you have a massage, you get complimentary robe and slippers so no need to carry your own). I loved it! Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed but I have linked the site and you can see for yourselves.

Prices might seem a bit steep but if you break it down you will see that it is probably much cheaper than a London equivalent.

2. Visit the Royal Crescent

This is a massive half-circle building that my camera pictures did not do justice, therefore there is no picture 🙂

3. Have lunch at Sally Lunn’s

If you are a Foursquare fan, you will realise Bath is ideal for some afternoon tea (especially if you have a spa in the morning and feel all dehydrated!). There are lots of pretty places. We picked Sally Lunn’s because it is so old and I am addicted to old historic buildings.

Lunch was very nice. However – and I am sorry for that- I don’t think that the famous bun is so extraordinary. 

a. Staying in Bristol will probably work out to be cheaper. There are trains every half hour to Bath, journey lasts about 12 minutes and the fare costs around £7 (return!)

b. You can avoid spending money out by copying the locals and having picnics around Clifton Suspension bridge or the harbour!

Do your research: I found lots of information on Visit Bristol and Visit Bath.

Ideal for: couple’s retreat, hen party


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