Live Sketchnoting: Learning Security, the Hard Way!

Today I visited Mozilla offices in Central London for a Ladies Who Code event. Marielle Volz spoke about security in the web: common mistakes, threats out there and some ways out of the tunnel.

A few months after the JP Morgan attack, security on the web has been and always will be a topic under discussion. Dilemmas always arise: fast solutions or a defence line that resists brute-force attacks?

Slides will be up soon. In the meantime I did take away a bit of paper with some notes jotted down (and a power bar – thanks Mozilla 🙂

ps) Marielle Volz is the recipient of a Node Security Scholarship in partnership with Ladies Who Code and YLD. Information below comes from Matt and Lift Security

security the hard way notes

Back to my sketchnoting, I used a ‘fusion’ technique: half on paper / half edited digitally. I think it works best for me so far as it allows me to be quite creative with sketches but I am also able to change things around in my notes


A penny for your thought!

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