Weekend Breaks from London: Copenhagen

I spent a long weekend in Copenhagen visiting my sister.

It is very easy to get to Copenhagen from London as the flight only lasts 1.5 hour (easyjet flies from both Gatwick and Luton) making it the ideal weekend tracel destination.

As I had already been to Copenhagen twice  – I hopped on the train on Sunday and spent the day in Malmö. Malmö is about 40 minutes away and the seaside sunset views were out-of-this-world!

I have summarised my favourite destinations in Copenhagen in the sketchnote below including places to see, best chai lattes in town and dimly lit jazz bars!

Suffice it to say I came back with my bag full of cinnamon rolls – but they only survived for the day in London.

ps. this is not an accurate representation of the little mermaid (btw, did you know The Little Mermaid is among the 10 most disappointing european attractions? Not sure it is true but this was one funny list to read!)

Copenhagen To Do

3 thoughts on “Weekend Breaks from London: Copenhagen

  1. tomg1992 says:

    Great picture! The flights from Luton only started this month, I made good use of this and hopped over to Copenhagen last week – what a city!
    I’m jealous of your sister living there, I fell in love with the place.

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