Live Sketchnoting: Insights into Fashion and Tech

Earlier this week, on a rainy Tuesday evening, I attended a Girls in Tech event in Lyst HQSinead O’Brien of Tech City News  popped the questions and Sarah Vigrass (Strategic Projects Director at Lyst), Torie Chilcott (Co-Founder of Rockabox) and Giacomo Summa (CEO & Founder of Stylect) gave their opinions on future trends in fashion and tech.

I made some sketches on the night but I was only able to upload them today.

Fashion and tech has been a huge interest of mine ever since I was studying computer science and reading fashion blogs. That middle ground where fashion and tech meet.

Back in 2010 (when I did my MSc and a study on Fashion and IT) the focus was on building the best ERP – benefiting especially global companies – the likes of Zara and H&M. And the first solely online shops made their appearance (Asos etc.)

Today, it looks like the focus has shifted from high-street international brands to independent boutiques and luxury products.

Small, independent boutiques are still hesitant to invest in a digital presence.

And customers are still hesitant to buy luxury products by trusting an online source

However with half the attendants making their shopping online, it is obvious that both above areas need to change.

Another big area of focus that was emphasised throughout the night is increased user engagement – in the online and offline world.

Overall, it was a really interesting evening. I have tried to capture some of the main points in my sketchnote below. Till next time 🙂

girls in tech


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