[Women, London and Tech] Survey

According to Fjord’s Trend prediction for 2015, this year is all about data-driven decisions and personalisation.

Our patterns, our behaviours, our actions and our opinions – are all data. But data is only useful if it is aggregated and analysed! With that in mind, I have created a quick survey to gather our opinions on women and technology in London.

Which are the best Technology podcasts out there? Are there any meetups you think are super interesting and we should know about? How about conferences and useful websites?

Please access the survey here 

(if the link does not work, please copy and paste https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D9YX6SW)


Fill in your answers and find out what other women think in a couple of weeks. Results will be announced on International Woman’s Day (8th March) on this blog but I will make sure that I pass a link through Twitter as well.

PS) It is a simple survey monkey form and no data apart from what you choose to share is stored.

Thanks for taking the time to fill in the survey! Enjoy the rest of this Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead:)



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