[Live Sketchnoting] Build the Right Product

One evening last week, I was invited by Fajer to sketchnote their event on building the right product.  London’s Lean Startup Circle is a forum to meet other “startupers” and learn, learn, learn. Lots of useful tips and resources were exchanged during the event which was organised at Google Campus. Some of the key notes you can find in my sketchnote below.

One thing that resonated with me is the importance of testing your assumptions before you go ahead and spend a massive amount to implement them. And use some of the resources available online (most of them for free) to do that.

Meet people, discuss, debate and up-skill!




Inspired by that I started a Javascript course in CodeAcademy which in case you do not about is a free online learning academy with lots of interactive examples.

Thanks very much for having me and for giving the opportunity to find more things about starting your own thing!


A penny for your thought!

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