A day in a Business Analyst’s life: Business Model Canvas

New job, new year and new resolutions 🙂

As part of that I was looking for new ways to enhance my analysis techniques. One of the Senior BAs in my company suggested the Business Model Canvas as a way to communicate with our stakeholders.

If you are interested in finding out more, there is plenty of information along with a template and lots of easy to follow videos over at Strategyzer’s .

Here is how it looks like:


And here are some questions to get you started:

Business-Model-Canvas questions

Basically, it is a working document that is quite visual and you can use during your workshops and interviews to understand the problem and the project/company/product (the beauty of this is that it can work at any level) and communicate at a glance in a visual and engaging way.

As the senior BA in my company kept stretching – this is looking at strategic level and you should not expect that this forms part of any requirements document (my background is more of a delivery/technical BA and so as a result I am always looking things at a low detailed level!)

What I found useful:

  • Visual and interactive: Stakeholders were instantly interested
  • Clear and straightforward: Everyone could understand it easily
  • User-testing: this proved to be very useful in user testing in selecting different user profiles and making sure we have not left any customer segment out of our user testing
  • Channels category: very useful as it made sure we are looking at an end-to-end service and did not omit any touchpoints with customers

What I found challenging:

  • Difficult to quantify: it is not very clear how to read the most important or largest entry in any of those columns – even though we tried visual tricks i.e. using bigger fonts for largest groups of customers
  • There is no priority in the entries
  • Partners and customers: depending on your company and industry, these two categories can be hard to separate and entries may be inter-changeable
  • It is hard to understand at a glance if this depicts your as-is or your to-be (especially in categories such as channels and activities)

Have you used Business Model Canvas? What did you think of it?


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