[Live Sketchnoting] Build the Right Product

One evening last week, I was invited by Fajer to sketchnote their event on building the right product.  London’s Lean Startup Circle is a forum to meet other “startupers” and learn, learn, learn. Lots of useful tips and resources were exchanged during the event which was organised at Google Campus. Some of the key notes you can find in my sketchnote below.

One thing that resonated with me is the importance of testing your assumptions before you go ahead and spend a massive amount to implement them. And use some of the resources available online (most of them for free) to do that.

Meet people, discuss, debate and up-skill!




Inspired by that I started a Javascript course in CodeAcademy which in case you do not about is a free online learning academy with lots of interactive examples.

Thanks very much for having me and for giving the opportunity to find more things about starting your own thing!


Live Sketchnoting: An evening with Lightning talks and Salesforce

This is the second ‘Women Who Code‘ event I attend. One superficial reason I love these events is because I get to enter cool offices in London (which compared to my own window-less office space is like oasis!). In the past I have had the chance to attend events in Guardian’s HQ, Mozilla, Twitter and many more.

Two nights ago I was lucky enough to see where the Stack Overflow guys work. If you have ever coded in your life (school level, university level or at work) you must have come across this community. Most of the times I find a helpful answer going through their archives. Some times they feel like a code – God haha – who has all the answers! So it was good to realise that they actually exist!

Event was sponsored by Salesforce. And it was lovely to realise that they employ so many girls. My company often holds salesforce trainings so after this event it might be something I pursue as well!

For more information on what we talked about, check out my sketchnote below.

In other news, I was happy to discovery a few more twitter accounts to follow of interesting people in tech. I have included as many twitter handles as I could get so you can check them out as well!

womenwhocode salesforce

womenwhocode salesforce

Super Women in Tech London

This was a powerful, engaging event I attended the other week at Twitter HQ and forgot to post about!

Organised by Twitter and part of their Flock series – a room full of women.

Lots of interesting questions, suggestions and mentoring on the fly!

super women in tech

super women in tech

Live Sketchnoting: Women Who Code

Tonight I attended a Women Who Code event hosted by Apple. Coincidentally this was my first attempt with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I used One Note and the stylus is just amazing. It was very easy to start drawing and the stylus captured easily most of my movement. The hardest part was to learn how to export notes from One Note or even figure out how to take a screenshot and apparently you need to swipe from the right side of the screen (now you know as well!)

This event was really interesting as it touched on a variety of subjects: female founders, mentors, bullies and I had the opportunity to listen to some very interesting women!

Women Who Code

Live Sketchnoting: Insights into Fashion and Tech

Earlier this week, on a rainy Tuesday evening, I attended a Girls in Tech event in Lyst HQSinead O’Brien of Tech City News  popped the questions and Sarah Vigrass (Strategic Projects Director at Lyst), Torie Chilcott (Co-Founder of Rockabox) and Giacomo Summa (CEO & Founder of Stylect) gave their opinions on future trends in fashion and tech.

I made some sketches on the night but I was only able to upload them today.

Fashion and tech has been a huge interest of mine ever since I was studying computer science and reading fashion blogs. That middle ground where fashion and tech meet.

Back in 2010 (when I did my MSc and a study on Fashion and IT) the focus was on building the best ERP – benefiting especially global companies – the likes of Zara and H&M. And the first solely online shops made their appearance (Asos etc.)

Today, it looks like the focus has shifted from high-street international brands to independent boutiques and luxury products.

Small, independent boutiques are still hesitant to invest in a digital presence.

And customers are still hesitant to buy luxury products by trusting an online source

However with half the attendants making their shopping online, it is obvious that both above areas need to change.

Another big area of focus that was emphasised throughout the night is increased user engagement – in the online and offline world.

Overall, it was a really interesting evening. I have tried to capture some of the main points in my sketchnote below. Till next time 🙂

girls in tech

Live Sketchnoting: Female Founders Panel

Last night I visited digital-science.com space in King’s Cross for an event organised by London Geekettes.

5 female founders were invited and were happily bombarded with questions.

  1. Dr. Olga Kubassova, founder and CEO of Image Analysis
  2. Dr. Harveen Chugh, growth manager for government accelerator, the Sirius Programme
  3. Sinead Mac Manus, founder and CEO of Fluency
  4. Natalie Jonk, founder and CEO of Walacea
  5. Alex Hodgson via weblink, founder and CEO of 1DegreeBio

Almost all of the founders emphasized the fact that starting your own company should not be about the fast money; this concept is non-existent. Money will not be there (at least in the beginning!), people will come and go and the whole thing will take looots of time. The remaining bit is yourself and your belief in your product.

A lot of tips were shared – but there is no success recipe. Try hard, fail fast and learn 🙂



london geekettes

Live Sketchnoting: Learning Security, the Hard Way!

Today I visited Mozilla offices in Central London for a Ladies Who Code event. Marielle Volz spoke about security in the web: common mistakes, threats out there and some ways out of the tunnel.

A few months after the JP Morgan attack, security on the web has been and always will be a topic under discussion. Dilemmas always arise: fast solutions or a defence line that resists brute-force attacks?

Slides will be up soon. In the meantime I did take away a bit of paper with some notes jotted down (and a power bar – thanks Mozilla 🙂

ps) Marielle Volz is the recipient of a Node Security Scholarship in partnership with Ladies Who Code and YLD. Information below comes from Matt and Lift Security

security the hard way notes

Back to my sketchnoting, I used a ‘fusion’ technique: half on paper / half edited digitally. I think it works best for me so far as it allows me to be quite creative with sketches but I am also able to change things around in my notes