5 Bite-size pieces of content to fit your lunch break this week

Having recently been inspired by Stylist’s #reclaimyourlunchbreak campaign, I have decided to do something different and meaningful with my lunch breaks.

lunch box

Life admin (calling the bank, arranging a GP appointment or even paying your bills) are according to Stylist very successfully dealt during your lunch break. Exercise is a bit trickier to achieve as you need to account extra time for shower and getting dressed. However, if you have a Virgin Active gym near your office (and perhaps a corporate discount because of the proximity!), it’s worth giving that a try as they do lots of short, intense classes that only last for 20 minutes (i.e. Zuu) and allow you enough time to have a shower and get back in the office on time.

Having tried that out for 3 weeks now, one of my initial findings is that it is easy to forget to do something with your lunch break – unless you have carefully planned it!

I have decided to spend a little bit of time every Sunday and actually plan out my lunches. And I will give you an overview of the most interesting content tagged by days because learning while lunching is actually super awesome and can help you:

a. feel more confident at work

b. throw an interesting fact and bond with a new person

So here it goes:

1) Monday: Amy Cuddy talks about high-power poses and how they can reduce your stress

2) Tuesday: Stephαnie Lemieux talks about Taxonomies in this awesome podcast. I liked it because she really gets down to the detail which is very rare in podcasts (I am tired of people talking really high level!). It is useful if you work with Websites or CMS like I do.


3) Wednesday: Fjord trends for 2015

Get an overview of what is coming ahead

4) Thursday: Read about the conception of ‘House of Cards’ (currently the most popular Netflix series). Netflix analysed big data coming from their customers and produced the ultimate TV series
House of Cards NY Times

House of Cards NY Times

Everything you need to know about the elusive subject of Search Engine Optimisation – with easy to follow instructions
Happy lunching!

Top 5 ideas to get you in that Halloween/autumn mood

We are well inside autumn and Halloween is fast approaching. I know I hate it when I let a season pass by. Most of the times, it’s not because I didn’t have time but because I didn’t plan it out correctly. Therefore this time I am all organised and ready to go.

happy halloween

Here is my list of ideas I intend to do before November comes:

#1 Drink a cup of hot cocoa

When the sky is dark and gloomy, there is really nothing that screams comfort more than a cup of hot cocoa and a duvet. Read on for the simplest recipe of all:


  • organic black chocolate
  • milk

Heat up the milk, slowly stirring in pieces of chocolate. Add sugar to taste and/or marshmallows!

hot cacao


#2 Carve a pumpkin

Halloween weekend approaches in less than 2 weeks. Now it’s a good time to pop to your nearest supermarket and get a big, nice pumpkin.

When carving, use a sharp knife and gather all the inside with a spoon while at it (plus the seeds – you’ ll see why!)

Then when you are all done, place a candle inside it. I haven’t managed to make mine not to smell after some time so I only leave the candle burning for a small period – I might try to wash it this year 🙂 It is awesome as decoration lit or not lit!


#3 Toast the seeds

All the previous years I felt bad about throwing away all the good stuff from inside.

Pumpkin makes awesome pie; I haven’t tried to make one myself yet but all the good mums in Greece will certify that!

What I did do last year is toast the seeds. It makes a tasty healthy snack (if you do not overdo it with salt).

Steps (for the full recipe follow the link to Simply Recipes below):

      1. Remove seeds with a spoon and a knife
      2. Make sure they are cleaned properly and rinsed with water and
      3. Boil them in salty water
      4. Finally place them in the oven

Here is my favourite recipe.

pumpkin seeds

#4 Walk in the park and jump in muddles and puddles

It is called autumn explosion. Parks are at their best this time of the year. You can see so many variations of colours on the leaves from deep red to orange and brown. Put on your wellies and get out there and play!

PS) Don’t forget to pick up your favourite leaves – I’ll tell you why in number #5!

red leaves

#5 Draw on leaves

After you get home from your walk, take your markers out and draw on some of the leaves you collected. Leaves are excellent canvas and based on their weird and different shapes, you can get very creative. See below for my last year’s attempt. This year I might try to turn them into a cute temporary bunting.

autumn leaves

If you have enjoyed this list, I have prepared a checklist you can download (right click and Save) so that you can check off each of this items as you do them.

autumn checklist

For more autumn ideas, check my sketchnote.

Happy autumn!

Piccalilli Cafe

Top 5 Sunday Brunch spots in London

I don’t think there is a more appropriate first post for a blog that claims loving London than this! Brunch-ing is THE ACTIVITY being caught doing on a Sunday and since my flatmates and myself have spent every Sunday religiously looking for the best spot, I thought it’s fair I share this knowledge with you.

1. Surrey Docks Farm – Piccalilli caffè

Closest station: Canada Water

Not to be missed: Eggs, avocado and chilli flakes on toast


Piccalilli Cafe

2. Del’Aziz | Bankside

Closest station: Southwark

Not to be missed: The frying pan


frying pan

3.Tea House Theatre

Closest station: Vauxhall

Not to be missed: English breakfast


english breakfast

4. Tina, We salute you

Closest station: Dalston

Not to be missed: Pancakes!



5. The Breakfast Club

Closest station: Angel

Not to be missed: The All American (tip suggested by my flatmates!)



 wake up rooster



££££ = around £10 per person for breakfast and coffee

££££ = around 15 per person for breakfast and coffee