[Women, London and Tech] Survey

According to Fjord’s Trend prediction for 2015, this year is all about data-driven decisions and personalisation.

Our patterns, our behaviours, our actions and our opinions – are all data. But data is only useful if it is aggregated and analysed! With that in mind, I have created a quick survey to gather our opinions on women and technology in London.

Which are the best Technology podcasts out there? Are there any meetups you think are super interesting and we should know about? How about conferences and useful websites?

Please access the survey here 

(if the link does not work, please copy and paste https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D9YX6SW)


Fill in your answers and find out what other women think in a couple of weeks. Results will be announced on International Woman’s Day (8th March) on this blog but I will make sure that I pass a link through Twitter as well.

PS) It is a simple survey monkey form and no data apart from what you choose to share is stored.

Thanks for taking the time to fill in the survey! Enjoy the rest of this Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead:)



Weekend Breaks from London: Warsaw

Another easy destination from London is Poland. British Airways will get you to Warsaw Chopin airport (closest to the city centre; a 30-minute bus ride) in 2.5 hours and once there, just let the fun begin.

Warsaw is a city with a beautiful new old town centre, lots of history and amazing food. It can get a bit cold though so make sure you put on a couple more layers.

I have summarised my favourite destinations in Warsaw in the sketchnote below including places to see, best restaurants in town to try local cuisine and my favourite shot recipe!

Warsaw what to do


PS) Also I paid 4 pounds for 8 shots!

Checklist: What Christmas means to me

I am falling in love with my new Windows Surface Pro 3. It’s taking a bit of time but I found One Note very easy to use to. For the moment I have not downloaded any pro software for sketching but I might consider it this week.

Here is a list of all things Christmassy:

Christmas Checklist

Live Sketchnoting: Women Who Code

Tonight I attended a Women Who Code event hosted by Apple. Coincidentally this was my first attempt with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I used One Note and the stylus is just amazing. It was very easy to start drawing and the stylus captured easily most of my movement. The hardest part was to learn how to export notes from One Note or even figure out how to take a screenshot and apparently you need to swipe from the right side of the screen (now you know as well!)

This event was really interesting as it touched on a variety of subjects: female founders, mentors, bullies and I had the opportunity to listen to some very interesting women!

Women Who Code

Last-minute Advent Calendar

I love advent calendars! Every year I prepare advent calendars for my family and I like to try out a different idea each time. Pinterest is my usual source of inspiration.

This year though I was awfully busy with work, weekends away, after-work events, cooking and long commutes so I only had about half hour to make about 2 of them last night. And this pin saved me!

If you haven’t still made an advent calendar – here is a quick and easy idea for you made of cardboard. You can even do it tonight and stick it on your fridge with a small magnet!


cardboard (white and black)

orange felt

pipe cleaner

marker (black and pink )

advent snowmen

Snowman’s carrot nose moves every day 🙂

Happy December!


Live Sketchnoting: Insights into Fashion and Tech

Earlier this week, on a rainy Tuesday evening, I attended a Girls in Tech event in Lyst HQSinead O’Brien of Tech City News  popped the questions and Sarah Vigrass (Strategic Projects Director at Lyst), Torie Chilcott (Co-Founder of Rockabox) and Giacomo Summa (CEO & Founder of Stylect) gave their opinions on future trends in fashion and tech.

I made some sketches on the night but I was only able to upload them today.

Fashion and tech has been a huge interest of mine ever since I was studying computer science and reading fashion blogs. That middle ground where fashion and tech meet.

Back in 2010 (when I did my MSc and a study on Fashion and IT) the focus was on building the best ERP – benefiting especially global companies – the likes of Zara and H&M. And the first solely online shops made their appearance (Asos etc.)

Today, it looks like the focus has shifted from high-street international brands to independent boutiques and luxury products.

Small, independent boutiques are still hesitant to invest in a digital presence.

And customers are still hesitant to buy luxury products by trusting an online source

However with half the attendants making their shopping online, it is obvious that both above areas need to change.

Another big area of focus that was emphasised throughout the night is increased user engagement – in the online and offline world.

Overall, it was a really interesting evening. I have tried to capture some of the main points in my sketchnote below. Till next time 🙂

girls in tech

Weekend Breaks from London: Copenhagen

I spent a long weekend in Copenhagen visiting my sister.

It is very easy to get to Copenhagen from London as the flight only lasts 1.5 hour (easyjet flies from both Gatwick and Luton) making it the ideal weekend tracel destination.

As I had already been to Copenhagen twice  – I hopped on the train on Sunday and spent the day in Malmö. Malmö is about 40 minutes away and the seaside sunset views were out-of-this-world!

I have summarised my favourite destinations in Copenhagen in the sketchnote below including places to see, best chai lattes in town and dimly lit jazz bars!

Suffice it to say I came back with my bag full of cinnamon rolls – but they only survived for the day in London.

ps. this is not an accurate representation of the little mermaid (btw, did you know The Little Mermaid is among the 10 most disappointing european attractions? Not sure it is true but this was one funny list to read!)

Copenhagen To Do